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Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Receives Threatening Messages!!!



Tennis Star Sloane Stephens Receives Threatening Messages

The young tennis star is horrified by being threatened. Some of the messages are about physically harming her. Sloan has received almost 2000 abusive posts on Instagram.

Sloane Is Taking It All In Stride

Sloane shared some of the horrific messages with fans. This series of messages occurred after Sloane lost in the U.S. Open to Angelique Kerber. Some of the messages on IG included a monkey and clown emojis, as reported by NBC News. In addition, Sloane received some very disturbing messages about people wanting to harm her physically. Sloane shared this,

“This type of hate is so exhausting and never ending,” Stephens wrote on her Instagram story. “This isn’t talked about enough but it really freaking sucks.”

 Sloane then posted some of the horrific messages. Personally, I am appalled by Sloane being attacked on social media.  Fortunately, Sloane has decided to move past the negativity. Although, I think she should have some sort of recourse. However, Sloane does have a great support system.  Thankfully, some of her fans posted positive messages.

Sloane started playing tennis at nine. She won the 2017 US Open and reached the finals in the French Open in 2018. Sloane is ranked 3rd in the world. And, some say Sloane may be the next star after Serena Williams. Of course, Sloane has made a name for herself in tennis. Interestingly, Sloane has been a worthy opponent for Serena. Hopefully, Sloane will have much more success in her career, in spite of the latest hurtful messages by the haters.

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