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Tekashi Calls Jim Jones An Alleged Informant For The FEDS!!!



Tekashi Calls Jim Jones An Alleged Informant For The FEDS

On the Clubhouse audio app Daniel” Tekashi 69” Hernandez called out Jim Jones. Tekashi went on a rant about Jim’s possible involvement with the FEDS. The conversation Tekashi had on Clubhouse was not on video. Therefore, we can only speculate that it was Tekashi. But it is likely it was Tekashi. Especially, because it is not the first time, he has accused Jim of being an informant.

Was Jim Jones A Witness for The FEDS?

There has been a lot of speculation about Tekashi’s claims. However, Jim has never been indicted on any federal charges. Nor has Jim be labeled a “rat” by anyone other than Tekashi. Accept for Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson who has sided with Tekashi on occasion. Of course, this has not stopped Tekashi from accusing Jim of being an informant.

In recent days, Tekashi has started back with these allegations against Jim. Is it possible that after Tekashi the limelight so bad he would make this up? Could there be any truth to what Tekashi is saying about Jim? Or is Tekashi upset because he is not the center of attention anymore?

Whatever the case, Tekashi will not let this issue rest. What he said about Jim could be very damaging. Here is what Tekashi ranted about,

“Jim Jones, he ran with the same n*ggas I ran with a decade before I met him.  Jim Jones? Dipset.  The n*gga that was just dancing on Verzuz?  Jim Jones was running with Shotti Kifano Jordan, Mel Matrix Jamel Jones … he was running with all them cats I ran with and get indicted with.  Jim Jones did not take care of them,” 6ix9ine said and explained that when he started running the Nine Treys they all slept on the floor.  “I took care of them.  And on top of that, Jim Jones was caught on wiretap on my case, he was telling the big homie Mal Matrix to go and get rid of my security, how you do it.  How is that n*gga free right now?  Why he is not in jail.  Why you think he don’t mention my name. Put it like this, if I was on a wiretap saying [I was going to kill somebody and how to do it] then we all go down.  But you don’t go down?”

With that being said, Tekashi did mention Jim’s alleged involvement with the Nine Trey Gang while he was on the witness stand. In fact, according to Tekashi the tape of the actual conversation where Jim discussed “super violating” him with Mel Murda is evidence that proves his point, as reported by hip hop lately. If what Tekashi is saying is true, why did Jim not get in trouble? Will we ever know if Tekashi is telling the truth?  Isn’t what Tekashi is doing”the pot calling the kettle black.” What do you think? So far, Jim has not responded to any of Tekashi claims.

tekashi vs jim

Check out the video above for more details.

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