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Tekashi 69 RICO Charges Can Be Beaten Attorney Ikiesha Al Shabazz!!!



Attorney Ikiesha Al Shabazz Thinks Tekashi 69 Can Beat Fed Case

Its possible Tekashi 69 RICO Charges could be beaten. Criminal Attorney Ikiesha Al – Shabazz thinks Tekashi 69 can beat RICO case. Shabazz spoke with the host of The Uncensored Truth Podcast, O’God and Sam Ant about the federal charges against the rapper. Shabazz talks about what RICO really means as it relates to criminal cases.

Can Tekashi 69 attorneys prove he was a victim of RICO?

Attorney Shabazz points out some very interesting information about Hernandez aka Tekashi’s case. If Tekashi admits that he was a victim of the Gang, Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods he may have a fighting chance. It’s all about how Tekashi’s law team present strategies that will prove he was a victim instead of a willing participant in the crimes. Shabazz believes that Tekashi attorney, Dawn Florio has what it takes to get his acquittal. Shabazz has worked with Florio on other cases. Florio really goes the extra mile for her clients.

Tekashi 69 RICO Charges may be dropped

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attorney Al Shabazz

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