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Tee Grizzley’s Car Was Shot At His Aunt/Manager Killed!!!!



Tee Grizzley's Car Was Shot At And His Manager Killed

Tee Grizzley’s car was shot at and his aunt/manager killed. Jobina Brown was not only Grizzley’s manager but she was his aunt. Brown was in the vehicle with Grizzley went bullets riddled the car.

Grizzley’s career blossomed After aunt took over?

Grizzley hired his aunt to manage his career over two years ago. And, it is so unfortunate that Jobina was shot and killed, especially, since she was so successful at managing his career. This is why her death is so upsetting. Allegedly, the rapper had gotten out of the car when shots were fired. Sources told Fox2 that Brown was left on the ground with several gun shots.  

Grizzley and another unidentified man were not injured. However, Brown was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead according to Fox2 Detroit News. At this time police do not have the identity of the suspect. So far, no witnesses have been identified. Our condolence go out to the rapper and his family.

tee grizzley n aunt

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