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Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Was Hospitalized!!!



Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Was Hospitalized

It was a few weeks ago we reported that Wendy Williams postponed her promo tour. The promo tour occurs before the new season. However, Wendy was having some health challenges and she canceled.

Wendy Is In A Fight For Her Sanity And Health

Talk show host Wendy Williams has been plagued with one issue after another. From what has been gathered Wendy started having issues when Kevin cheated. Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter cheated with Sharina Hudson, as reported by Page Six.  When the knowledge of Kevin’s infidelity came out Wendy seemed to unravel. Or so it seems. Shortly after, Wendy collapsed on stage during her live show. At first, fans were not sure what happened with Wendy. Wendy had some issues with her health. Unfortunately, Wendy’s life began to unravel before our eyes.

The outspoken talk show host took time off from her show. And, rumors began to swirl. We found out that Wendy entered a Rehab center, according to the NY Times article. Of course, many of us knew Wendy had previous issues with drugs. Which Wendy disclosed to her fans during one of the broadcasts. This time after her absence from the show Wendy entered Rehab for treatment. When Wendy returned she did an entire segment about her experience in a drug treatment halfway house. Just when it seemed Wendy was back on track things began to unravel again.

Wendy was in a battle for her heath because of  Graves Disease. We saw pictures of Wendy’s routine where she puts on leg compressors. The leg compressors are used to combat the swelling associated with Graves. So, when Wendy postponed her show some were not surprised. Little did we know Wendy was having some mental issues, as well.

As of today, Wendy is currently in Psychiatric care. She voluntarily admitted herself to a New York hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. In addition, Wendy was diagnosed with Covid-19. So far, Wendy does not have symptoms associated with the virus. The kicker, was when officers arrived at Wendy’s New York apartment allegedly she was suffering from some sort of psychosis, as reported by Complex.

While we don’t know whether Wendy will return to her show this month. Some sources have reported that Wendy will start the show sometime in October. To refresh your memory, Wendy allowed other celebrities to host her show in the past. Maybe, she will do this again. Especially, if she is not well enough to return. We are praying for Wendy to recover soon.

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