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Is T.I. Reviving the Stop Snitching Movement? Goodbye Young Dro?

When T.I. cut Young Dro, his looongtime homeboy from the Hustle Gang label for, “easily talking to the police,” did he revive the stop snitching movement?!?



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Is T.I. Reviving the Stop Snitching Movement?

With a wave goodbye Young Dro?

In a recent interview on 92.3 with DJ Scream T.I. was asked about Hustle Gang, the label, T.I. answered the question by stating, ” …the Hustle Gang is like an institution or a culture.” This was on the 14th anniversary of  “Trap Music”.  T.I. stood strong by one of the original Hustle Gang member and long time friend, Young Dro.

Fast forward, not even a week later, after a viral video surfaces with Spodee stating, ““What you are looking at right here my nigga, is a statement written by D’Juan Hart”, the written statement appears to be a police report signed by Young Dro. The police statement further read,  “Mr. Hart did also specifically name Mr. Carr as the offender in possession of all contraband.”

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Who is the snitch? I think T.I. and the paperwork decided.

Spodee goes on to say Young Dro told him it was okay for him to bring his gun because a DJ would claim it, thus alleviating any of them from any liability. This wasn’t first time that Spodee had an issue with Grand Hustle. At any rate, T.I. takes the side of Spodee in this instance. When T.I. says,” …we can’t have anyone in our group that is quick to tell police our business…. I feel like now is not the time to have him in our group. Regardless the album We Want Smoke, will be released as planned on September 15, 2017.”. Well, sounds like a little bit of smoke to me.

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