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T.I. Wants To Know Why Diddy Won’t Do A Verzuz With Jermaine?!?!?



T.I. Wants To Know Why Diddy Won't Do A Verzuz With Jermaine

Clifford”T.I. Harris went on Instagram live. And, in his lengthy message, he addressed Diddy. It appears that music producer Jermaine Dupri wants smoke with Diddy. Of course, not street smoke. But Jermaine wants to battle Diddy in a Verzuz.

Would A Verzuz Between Diddy and Jermaine Work or not?

We witnessed one of the best Verzuz’s on Tuesday, in my opinion. Fat Joe and Ja Rule really got it in. In fact, at the end of the friendly battle, it was all love.  Fans gathered at the Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night. While others watched the Verzuz online. The two rap icons went toe-to-toe, song for song. Meanwhile, Jermaine was in the audience writing on Twitter. Jermaine wrote, “Somebody let Diddy know I’m [at the Madison Square Garden] right now! “And, he gon need some training for me, “Diddy responded immediately in Jermaine comments section,

“Beloved you my ni**a but your arms too short to box with God!!!” he wrote late Monday night. “You ain’t got enough hits. I’ll smash you with just Biggie n Mary [J. Blige]. But I do have the upmost [sic] respect on you as a musical legend.”Diddy went on to say, “Dr. Dre the only one [who] can get in the ring w me.”

Just a few months ago Swizz Beatz (the co-founder of the Verzuz) mentioned on “The Breakfast Club”,  that Diddy and Dre were actually set to face off, as reported by Revolt. However, Dre backed out allegedly after seeing there were technical issues with the Verzuz between Teddy Riley and Babyface’s battle. Then Diddy confirmed on “Fat Joe Show” he and Dre would “definitely talking” about squaring up.


Clearly, Diddy and Dre want to battle it out. However, it has not materialized. Since Jermaine is willing to get in the ring with Diddy, so to speak. Shouldn’t Diddy consider it? What does Diddy have to lose? If he is “God” (of rap) why not prove it? Would Jermaine be a worthy opponent? After all, Jermaine has worked with the best in the music business, (Usher, Janet Jackson, Mariah, Kanye West, Bono, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, and Jay- Z). Diddy has worked with, (Biggie, Faith Evans, Mary J Blidge, Lil Kim, Junior Mafia, Mariah, Boyz II Men, SWV, Aretha Franklin, and Jodeci) and the list goes on for both music producers.

On the other hand, does T.I. have a point? Why is it that some rappers from New York have issues with Southern rappers? Diddy and Jermaine have made great contributions to music. Listen, I would love to see Diddy, Dre, Jermaine. T.I. and 50 Cent battle it out in Verzuz. What do you all think?

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Check out the video above for more details.

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