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T.I. Supports Sha’Carri Richardson.!!!



T.I. Supports Sha'Carri Richardson
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T.I. Supports Sha’Carri Richardson. In spite of the controversy surrounding Sha’Carri T.I. stands with her.

Sha’Carri has the support of some celebrities

Recently, Sha’Carri was suspended for testing positive for marijuana. And, as a result, she will not participate in the 100-meter race, as reported by The Grio.

A lot of people in our community are upset. Especially, some celebrities such as T.I. I do agree with T.I. to some extent.

But we already know some were looking for Sha’Carri to fail. On the other hand, as a professional athlete, there were certain she had to follow.

Unfortunately, she did not.  For this reason, her 30-day suspension keeps her out of her signature race.

However, Sha’Carri can participate in the 400 relay race. So, she is not out for the count, all together. This is great news for her Tokyo Olympic teammates.

My prediction is, Sha’Carri and the other American athletes are going to do well. As it relates, to T.I.’s comments, he only said what a lot of people are thinking.

Not to mention, T.I. pointed out a lot of issues that point to biases within sports. Historically, blacks have always been held to a higher standard than most.

It all balls down to inequality. No matter, how the media spins stories of people of color. The fact remains, prejudice is alive and well in the United States.

T.I. Supports Sha'Carri Richardson!

The Black Community Supports Sha’Carri

I totally agree with T.I. when he encouraged Sha’Carri to “hold her head up”. We are very proud of Sha’Carri. Who has not made mistakes?

Especially, when you are young.  With that said, here is the response from journalist Evette Dionne,

“If you’re afraid of Sha’Carri smoking the brakes off y’all, just say that but suspending people for using marijuana — a billion-dollar industry at this point — is ridiculous,” journalist Evette Dionne, She added, “I see people attempting to turn this into a ‘Black Americans vs. everybody’ issue. Let’s not. Sha’Carri deserves to run, no matter what country she represents.”

Also, people on Twitter and other social media outlets are supporting Sha’Carri, too. Overall, Sha’Carri has accepted responsibility for her actions. Be that as it may, she still has a promising career.


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