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T.I. Says Blacks Are All In The Same Fight!!!



T.I. Says Blacks Are All In The Same Fight

T.I. Says Blacks Are All In The Same Fight. However, T.I. is in opposition with Candace Owens. And, T.I. might just have a point concerning Candace

The Blacks Can Cancel  Out Candace Owens

T.I. says blacks are all in the same fight. What is T.I. really trying to say? I think means we can have different views. However, we should be on the same side in spite of it. Also, the black community should not be willing to cancel out each other, as reported by XXL Mag. Here is what T.I. said:

“We don’t all have the same views, “T.I. explains. “We don’t have the same opinions of how to move forward on what’s gonna get us to our goal. But we all have the same fight. We’re all on the same journey. We can’t afford to necessarily lose no people. We ain’t got them kinds of numbers to where we can say…I see a lot of people say we canceled, we canceled, we canceled. I feel like we need to have a lot more of a…we need a rehabilitative approach.”

Now, T.I. does not have the same sentiment when it comes to Candace. In fact, T.I. does not oppose canceling her out. In other words, T.I. seems to think that Candace has been coerced to agree with whites. Especially, as it relates to the plight of blacks. Candace has been known to dispute that blacks issues are related to racism. Also, Candace seems to have forgotten that she is a black woman. Or could it be that she has not been personally affected by racism or police brutality.

In my opinion, Candace may have an identity crisis. I agree with T.I., we are all in the same fight.Whether Candace agrees or not. Some blacks refuse to believe we suffer from oppression. Therefore, any opposition to their point of view is dismissed. The facts are that blacks have suffered racism, police brutality, white on black crime and other disparities for many, many years. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem, Candace.

Tip vs Candace

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