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T.I. Says Kanye West, Ray Lewis And MLK Son Are Coons For Donald Trump!!



Tip Harris

Tip Harris aka T.I. the famous Atlanta rapper went in really hard on Kanye West, Ray Lewis and Martin Luther Kings son , Martin III about Cooning for Donald Trump. Harris was upset that any African American would met with Trump. Especially, since it appeared that Trump had some sort of hidden agenda.

Does Trump have a hidden agenda?

It appears that Trump only invited a the men because he felt African Americans would give their him their approval if they saw him acting concerned about us as a people. T.I. was not buying into the obvious smoke screen set by Trump’s administration. Although, each of the men who visited Trump suggested that it was just a friendly meeting. It was hard for T.I to believe it. I’m with Harris, what is the purpose of these kind of meetings?

Here is what West and Lewis said after meeting with Trump:

“I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future president if we truly want change,” – Kanye West


“Urban development and job creation are everything,” Lewis, a former star linebacker for the Ravens, told reporters after his meeting. “What we believe with the Trump administration is if we can combine these two powers of coming together — forget black or white. Black or white is irrelevant. The bottom line is job creation and economic development in these urban areas to change the whole scheme of what our kids see.” – Ray Lewis

Well, we have 4 years to see if Trump does what he has promised African Americans and other minorities he will do. Will he provide more jobs, affordable housing, and economic empowerment? We shall see!!!!

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