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Is T.I. Addressing Accusers In New Music Video, “F*CK EM”?!!!




T.I. just released a single and music video and people are taking notice. Is he addressing the sexual allegations against him and his wife?

Is T.I. Thumbing His Nose Up At His Accusers?

T.I. and his wife Tiny are under investigation in multiple cases for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting several women.

Though they had a small win recently in L.A. when one of the cases was dismissed due to statute of limitations, they still have not faced the music…yet.

Because there are over 30 women making similar claims.

Both have denied all allegations and insist that any sexual shenanigans were between consenting adults.

Now, T.I. just dropped a damning new music video that seems a slap in the face to… well, everybody.

In a new single just released called “F*ck Em”, T.I. is joined by Lil John.

Speaking directly about the allegations during a live episode of the Big Facts podcast with Big Banka and DJ Scream, T.I. spoke said, “That shit don’t hurt me.”

The accusers are not the only thing he appears to be addressing in his rap. He covers a myriad of issues he’s faced over the past years.

Check out the music video for “F*ck Em” for yourself by clicking on the photo below.

t.i. and tiny

Looks like there are some choice words for all those coming for him and his wife.

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