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Sutton Tennyson Murdered?!?



sutton tennyson murdered

The father of Angela Simmons child, Sutton Tennyson was murdered in Atlanta. Apparently, Sutton Tennyson was shot to death in his garage. Tennyson and Simmons were no longer involved. However, he was actively involved in his young son’s life.

Sutton Tennyson was in an argument with the suspect

According to the Atlanta police Tennyson was found dead in his garage. The crime was not an home invasion. Tennyson was apparently in an argument with the suspect. the suspect fled in his car after multiple shots were fired.  Needless to say, Simmons is devastated by the news of her son’s father, according to TMZ. Tennyson and Simmons son is 2 years old. Simmons had this to say about the untimely death of Tennyson:

” Thank you for leaving behind my greatest gift. I’m hurting. I’m numb.” she went on to say…”Thank you for the outpouring of love everyone. I can’t believe I’m even saying Rest in Peace Sutton. I promise to hold SJ down in every way I promise.”

At the time of the Sutton Tennyson murder…

At the time of his murder Sutton Tennyson was 37. Simmons and Tennyson broke of their engagement in 2017 but were successfully co-parenting their son, Sutton Tennyson Jr. Simmons is the daughter of rap icon Joseph Simmons aka Rev. Run of the famous group, Run DMC. And Simmons is one of the stars on the reality television series, Growing Up In Hip Hop Los Angeles. Our prayers are with the entire family. This is such a tragedy.

angela n sutton

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