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Suga – T’s Talks About Cardi B & Megan The Stallion Influence!!!!



The sister of the rapper of E-40 speaks about the influences of the hip-hop culture. Tenina Stevens better known as Suga-T talked about Cardi B and Megan’s influence on the culture.

Suga-T Wants To Change The Narrative On Hip-Hop

Stevens has enjoyed a lucrative career both in hip-hop and business. Stevens is one of the founders of “The Click”. Along with her brother E-40, D-Shot, and her cousin BLegit. The 1992 debut album “The Click”, was released by “Sick Wld It Records.  Stevens went on to release her solo album “It’s All Good.” Stevens sings, composes, and is an executive producer, as reported by People Pill. Currently, Stevens is performing. She is an accomplished author. Stevens is a vision coach and speaker. The multitalented businesswoman has a AA in Business, BA in Psychology, and a MA in Organizational management.

Stevens sent a clear message to Cardi and Megan. It is important that hip-hop represents reflects women in a good light.  Stevens is not interested in shaming any of the female rappers. Stevens would like to become a mentor for young female rappers. After all, Stevens has a wealth of knowledge and experience they could draw from. However, Stevens realizes that some of the young female rappers may not be willing to accept her offer. Nevertheless, Stevens continues to empower and enlighten women.

During the interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt, Stevens talked a little about “Cancel Culture.” Stevens was more interested in supporting people rather than canceling them. We each have our own perspectives. And, it does not mean anyone we disagree with should be canceled. Clearly, Stevens understands her responsibility to our community. It was reflected in her elegant speech and kind demeanor. Don’t get it twisted. Stevens was very clear about her edgy street savvy. This was a great interview with a seasoned hip-hop pioneer.

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