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Starletta DuPois Interview!!!



Starletta DuPois Interview.

Starletta DuPois Interview.  You may not know Starletta by her name but her face is unforgettable.

Starletta roles have made her face famous

Starletta DuPois interview. One of the things that stand out for this legendary actress is her smile.  Starletta has played in countless roles in film and on TV. However, people may not know her name.

I can remember her roles in the famous movies “South Central” & Waiting to Exhale.” But for me my fondest memory of Starletta was when I met her in a women’s clothing store. My mom shopped at a store on Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia. One day my mom and I were looking at clothes and Starletta was in the store.

Of course, I recognized her right off. She was very friendly. She spoke to my mother and I. Again, it was her smile that was so captivating. Although, some of Starletta’s roles were not big in the movies. Starletta had the ability to steal scenes, to say the least.

With that said, Starletta was interviewed by the hosts O’God and SamAnt of  hip hop uncensored. And, when I tell you that this is an interview you don’t want to miss. Especially, since Starletta spoke candidly about Pop Icon the late Michael Jackson and his family.

Clearly, Starletta has great respect for Michael and his family. Also, Starletta shed some light on why she believed the allegations against Michael were untrue. In fact, Starletta’s words were very convincing. Once again, this interview with Starletta was great.

starletta dupois

Check out the video above for more details.

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