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Sprinter Athing Mu Won The Women’s 800 Meter Race!!!



All eyes are on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’. And, many of us have not been disappointed. The USA has won more medals than any country, so far.

Athing Broke The Worlds Record

This was the first time the US won the women’s 800 meter race in 53 years. The other African American woman to win gold (Madeline Manning Mims) did so in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Athing appeared to be racing all alone. She was far ahead of her competitors during the race.

Athing’s coach Al Jennings admitted he has never seen any sprinter better. Especially, at such a young age. Athing performance at the Olympics certainly confirms what her coach said. Back home in Trenton, Athing’s family celebrated her victory. Also, the city of Trenton honored Athing by placing a banner with her photo at city hall. In addition, the Trenton bridge was lit up with red, white, and blue lights. Team USA took the gold and bronze (Raevyn Rogers) in the 800.

The race was phenomenal. Athing never lost the lead in the race. Athing broke the world record (1:53.28). Athing talked about how she felt confident enough to win.

“My time is now. That’s what they can take away from this event. Watching anything in the future, I’m going to maintain with that statement. My time is now. Six years from now. Two years from now. It’s going to be my time.”

I have no doubt that Athing will do it. With that said, the US has won 73 medals so far (24 Gold, 28 Silver, 21 Bronze). Way to go USA.

athing mu

Check out the video above to see Athing’s phenomenal win.

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