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Spotlight On Entrepreneur’s David And Aaron Cabella Mobile App!!!



Spotlight On Entrepreneur's David And Aaron Cabella Mobile App!

The founders of Black and Mobile David and Aaron Cabello are truly heading towards greatness. This food delivery service specializes in delivering food from Black-Owned businesses. David and his twin brother Aaron had an idea. After working as a driver for food service “Postmates” and “Cavier “the young black men struck out on their own. David saw there was profit in owning a food delivery service. Once David researched, he found out there were no Black-owned delivery apps in existence.

Black And Mobile Has Expanded To Several Cities

David and his brother set out to become the first Black delivery service. The company was started in February 2019. The only caveat was David and Aaron wanted to work exclusively with Black-owned restaurants. Black and Mobile’s slogan is “The Culture Delivered.”

Since its start, Black and Mobile have expanded its app services to Detroit, Baltimore, and Atlanta. One of the most unique things about Black and Mobile is David and Aaron deliver food on their bikes. Black and Mobile had become so popular that they were featured in Jay-Z’s and Pharell Williams Entrepreneur video in 2020. In addition, David and Aaron were given a shot out from Philly’s own Wallo267.

Black and Mobile have changed the landscape for delivering. As a result, their groundbreaking delivery app Black and Mobile was featured with Bet in 2019. Did I forget to mention, David and Aaron were only 24 years old. Fortunately, David’s prior knowledge of creating web designs and apps came in handy. He was able to design his own app. David and Aaron hope to become an inspiration to other young black youth. David mentioned this,

“We are keeping young people off the streets; we are giving them jobs and we are becoming role models to them and we are showing them that we can do something positive. This city is full of brotherly love and there is no hate going on,” said David to the newspaper.

“What we are talking about is that God gave us the love, a bike and a bag and an idea and said run with it and literally we haven’t stopped since,” he continued. “This is what gets me up in the morning. Without Black and Mobile my life will be, like, miserable.


It has been over 2 years since David and Aaron started Black and Mobile. The young twins show no sign of slowing down. David and Aaron were able to hire young drivers for their expansion. Black and Mobile have their own website where you can find out more information about their services. I leave you with their mission statement,

Black and Mobile’s main focus is to highlight underrepresented businesses in the urban communities that are often overlooked and provide them with the technology they need to not only expand their customer base, but to stay competitive in this rapid changing economy, according to Black and Mobile.

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