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Situation Getting Worst For Casanova 2X!!!



Situation Getting Worst For Casanova 2X

Situation Getting Worst For Casanova 2X. Can this young rapper stop with the shenanigans? Why draw more attention to yourself, Casanova 2X?

Why did Casanova do the Tik Tok challenge?

Situation getting worst for Casanova 2x. What just got reports a few days ago about Casanova in trouble again. Now, some may think that Casanova is being treated unfairly.

Especially, since dancing on Tik Tok is the current fade. However, Casanova may be reprimanded for his actions. We found out from TMZ that Casanova 2x accepted the challenge to do the “Junebug” dance on Tik Tok.

Unfortunately, West Chester county correction facility may add charges to Casanova 2x. Apparently, inmates are not allowed to be in video recordings during visits. Also, Casanova 2x did not wear a mask during the same visit. Therefore, Casanova could be in more trouble.

With that said, these charges could make it worst for his pending case. As we reported earlier, Casanova is in prison for conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and firearm possession. Although, Casanova is claiming he is innocent these charges can keep him behind bars for years.

We will keep you all posted on the outcome of Casanova’s case.

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Check us the video above for more details.

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