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Sistah Souljah Message To Cardi B!!!



Sistah Souljah Message To Cardi B

Sistah Souljah Message To Cardi B. The interview with Sister Souljah is one for the books. Clearly, Sistah Souljah spoke truth.

Sistah Souljah educates female rappers

Sistah Souljah message to Cardi B.  In this powerful thought provoking interview she speaks truth. In her interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt of Hip Hop Uncensored Sistah Souljah really hip home with her words.

Listen, I got the impression that Sistah Souljah really embodies her womanhood. As we all should. We as women are very multidimensional, as she stated. Here are some facts about this amazing women.

Not only, is Sistah Souljah a musician, author, world traveler, and a college graduate she was a major participate in the anti- aparthied movement, as reported by Biography.

In other words, there are many layers to Sistah Souljah. As it is with women in general. Women have been given divine attributes that are undeniable.

In my opinion, women have only begun to tap into their God given potential. And, this fact was evident once you hear Sistah Souljah speak.

As the interview evolved, Sistah Souljah mentioned a lot of hip hop pioneers and their impact on us. It was important to note, that Sistah Souljah admits that everyone in hip hop do not want the responsibility of becoming more that just an artist.

Instead, hip hop artist today just want to be known as artist only. However, she points out that those like Chuck D of hip hop rap group ( Public Enemy) had a level of conscience that went beyond his music.

I really agree with her analogy. Especially, as it relates to today’s hip hop artists. A lot of the music does not reflect the struggle of the black community. Much like it did with the inception of hip hop in the eighties.

With that said, Sistah Souljah talked about her books, as well as her opinion on the state of hip hop today.

Overall, this was a good interview. This Sistah has a very valuable voice for our community.

sistah souljah n cardi

Check out the video above for more details.

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