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Is Singer Kelly Price Missing?!!!



kelly price

UPDATE:  After this story made its rounds all over media, Kelly Price’s rep states that she is indeed safe.

And even though she is listed as missing, she is accounted for.

According to her rep, she is still battling COVID and is at an undisclosed location.



Kelly Price is missing. No one has seen or heard from the singer since she was fighting a battle with COVID in August.

Gospel Singer Kelly Price Last Seen In Georgia

Kelly Price, who is a Gospel and R&B singer has gone missing.
Last seen in Georgia, she recently took to social media to announce that she had COVID. 
As reported by TMZ, Cobb County has her listed as a missing person. 
Kelly Price, who is 48 years old, uploaded a video on July 29th in which she said –

“…I am probably doing one of the last things that I would have expected to be doing right now…”

“Umm…wasn’t feeling too well last night and got up this morning and went to the doctor…and it has come out that I have COVID.”

This had to be a very scary time for the singer, songwriter.

As she lost her grandfather in 2020 due to coronavirus disease.

Kelly went on to reveal that she was quarantining but did not have to be hospitalized.

Among her symptoms, she noted that she was –

“…very achy…I have no appetite…I’m very weak, I can barely stay awake.”

Price said she was following doctors’ orders and praying that it would all be over quickly.

After revealing that she had the coronavirus and was struggling with it, Kelly Price was hospitalized a week later.

While there, her children visited her several times.

However, her condition worsened and she ended up in ICU.

Though they were initially in touch with her in early August, Kelly’s family told TMZ that the children received a call 3 weeks after she was admitted.

The message…Kelly had been discharged!

Apparently, this surprised the family, because she was still not fully healthy.

Another thing, the family stated that she has not been heard from since then.

Furthermore, her boyfriend has been allegedly keeping them and friends from visiting her home.

After a welfare check was done last Saturday, authorities spoke with her boyfriend.

As far as they were concerned, there was no evidence of foul play.

However, the gospel singer is now listed with the National Crime Information Center as missing.

Reportedly, there is an active investigation to find her.

Kelly last dropped a Gospel EP in April. “Grace” marked her first return to Gospel since “This Is Who I Am” 15 years ago.

This story is still breaking, let’s pray that it has a happy ending.

kelly price

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