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Singer Kelly Price Breaks Her Silence: She Is Alive!!!



Singer Kelly Price Breaks Her Silence: She Is Alive

Kelly Price went missing a few days ago. And, her family was very concerned. Many thought Kelly was met with some sort of tragedy.

Kelly Is No Longer Missing

Gospel singer and actress Kelly Price spoke with TMZ. Kelly admits that she was never missing. Although, Kelly’s family members beg to differ. In fact, Kelly’s oldest sister Shanrae spoke with several different media outlets about her alleged disappearance. I was able to watch Shanrae’s interviews with host Larry Reid of “Larry Reid Live.” During the interview, Shanrae told Larry she had not heard from Kelly for a while. Even though, Kelly’s close friend Nikki Gilbert told her she had spoken to Kelley. Shanrae was very doubtful about Kelly’s current whereabouts.

This is a very weird story if you ask me. Why would Kelly go missing? Why would Kelly let everyone think something bad happened to her? Who is the mysterious boyfriend/ alleged husband? Does the boyfriend Derrell have something to do with Kelly’s alleged disappearance or not? Kelly’s fans and family seem to think this story is bogus.

Be that as it may, Kelly finally showed her face. Kelly revealed in the interview she was suffering from complications of Covid-19. Important to note, Kelly was hospitalized just a month ago for Covid-19. Also, Kelly mentioned how difficult this year has been for her. She lost her beloved grandmother a few months back. Certainly, we can all sympathize with Kelly but to go missing? It just sounds a little off.

With that said, it appears that Kelly went into hiding to prevent people from bombarding her personal space. In fact, during the video, Kelly mentioned that some fans were knocking on her door. They were disturbing her neighbors. She felt that she needed to go into seclusion.

In addition, Kelly mentioned that it is not unusual for her not to speak with the family regularly. However, you might get the impression that Kelly is estranged from her family. Of course, Kelly nor Shanrae have said they have issues with each other. Be that as it may, those of us who love Kelly’s music was a tad bit worried. Thankfully, Kelly is okay. Unfortunately, Kelly admits she has an uphill battle to fight. Covid has done considerable damage to her lungs, according to Kelly. We wish Kelly a full recovery.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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