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Should Dr. Dre Help His Alleged Homeless Daughter?!?!?



Should Dr. Dre Help His Alleged Homeless Daughter

This is a very delicate topic to approach. When does a parent stop supporting their children? Do you ever stop supporting your children when they become adults? If you are wealthy and your adult children are not, are you obligated to support them? What are the rules, if any, for assisting your adult children in financial trouble?

When Should You Cut Off Your Adult Children Financially?

Of course, everybody’s financial situation is different, and there’s probably no right or wrong answer. However, in Dr. Dre’s case, should he give his 38 -year-old daughter money? Shouldn’t he help her? After all, she is homeless. What we have gathered so far, allegedly, LaTanya Young is the oldest daughter of Andre “Dr. Dre” Young. However, allegedly, LaTanya has been estranged from her father for 18 years. LaTanya claims she is only able to communicate with her father through his team.

Currently, LaTanya admits she is homeless. She has been living in a rental car. She has not received any money from her father in a year and a half, as reported by The Sun. LaTanya mentions that her four children are living with friends. So, she is living in her car alone. Sadly, although LaTanya is working with Uber Eats and Door Dash it is not enough. She has been unable to afford rent. And, now LaTanya is in danger of losing the rental car she is currently sleeping in.

Has an unhealthy financial relationship developed between Dr. Dre and his daughter? Is that the reason why Dr. Dre lets his team speak with her? According to an article by Women who Money, “parents in the US spend $500 billion a year on their adult children (ages 18-34). This is an amount twice what they contribute to their retirement accounts.”

Having said that, some parents might feel obligated to help their adult children financially. Especially, if they have the finances to do so.  Many of us as parents want the best for our children. Therefore, we often spare no expense. Although this may not teach self-reliance. It does, however, take some of the burdens of financial stress from an adult child.  As I stated earlier, everybody’s situation is different.

In my opinion, Dr. Dre should help his daughter and his grandchildren, if, in fact, they are in financial ruin. However, he does not have to give her a handout. Dr. Dre could give her a loan giving her some time to pay it back. That could help her yet not hurt him. Just weeks ago, Dr. Dre was ordered to pay his wife Nicole millions in the divorce settlement. Surely, he can afford to help LaTanya. His net worth is around $820 million. Giving LaTanya a few million couldn’t hurt.

On the other hand, is LaTanya trying to extort money from Dr. Dre? Is Dr. Dre obligated to help LaTanya repeatedly? Whatever, the side you find yourself on, helping your adult children financially is debateable.  I wonder what Dr. Dre has to say on the matter? After all, we are talking about the money he has earned.

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