Hip Hop News Uncensored Coffee Blend


If you’re a Hip Hop lover and coffee lover we now have something great for you. We’ve released the Hip Hop News Uncensored Coffee Blend, an artisan roasted coffee by one of the few black owned coffee roasters in America. Grab a batch roasted bag of the Hip Hop News Uncensored Blend today!



Hip Hop Transcends. So Does Our Coffee Blend.

At Hip Hop News Uncensored we know that no matter what race, creed or color, the love of hip hop transcends. So does a great cup of coffee. We have partnered with Darrin’s Coffee, a black owned coffee roasting company in Indianapolis, and we’ve created our own coffee blend.

We’ve released the Hip Hop News Uncensored Coffee Blend. It’s what’s called a Melange Blend. The word Melange means “blend” in French. Is it a light roast? Yes, and a medium and a dark roast all at the same time. It’s a beautiful coffee, with a light roasted bean, a medium roasted bean and a dark roasted bean all blended after the roast. All of the colors, just like hip hop. Full of flavor, this is a great roast for every coffee lover to enjoy. 

Additional information

Weight 12 oz