Culture Vultures : Kenyatta Khari Griggs (Author), Damon Dash (Contributor)


What is a culture vulture? It’s been defined that a culture vulture is a person who follows or adopts music, dancing, style of clothing, slang (e.g., from hip hop or rap) that originated in a culture different from his own. In this book, Dame Dash attempts to point out who are some of the worst perpetrators in the industry.



Culture Vultures is an inside look at the creative and business genius behind some of America’s greatest talents and fashion lines. Through a series of candid interviews over the span of 10 years, Kenyatta Griggs ask compelling and insightful questions that will help shed light on the music mogul, the father, and the man better known as Dame Dash. Dame Dash is no friend of super culture vulture, Lyor Cohen.

This book gives a glimpse that shows that Damon Dash has really matured. If you’ve been waiting on this for a while, its finally here. Something that will sell you the most on this book will be Dame Dash’s Breakfast Club interview and subsequent hip hop motivation videos. Damon Dash consistently produces great conversations. You’ll really love the brutal honesty in this book.