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Sha’Carri Richardson Will Not Compete In 2021 Tokyo Olympics!!!



Sha'Carri Richardson Will Not Compete In 2021 Tokyo Olympics

When the story first broke we were excited for Sha”Carri Richardson. It has been a long time since track & field had such a charismatic, flamboyant sprinter. In fact, Sha’Carri puts me in the mind of one of track & field’s greatest runners  Florence Griffin Joyner. Of course, I am not comparing the two. There will never be another Flo -Jo. But Sha’Carri does bring the same excitement to the game. Although, Sha’Carri still has a way to go to prove herself. Flo- Jo’s record has never been broken.

In the Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea in 1988 she blew the competition off the field. In addition, Flo- Jo was and still is the fastest woman in the world. Like Sha’Carri Flo- Jo ran in the 100 meters race. Both Flo -Jo and Sha’Carri blew out their competitors. But Sha’Carri is just getting started in the track & field. Be that as it may, the 21-year- old has a long career ahead of her. Definitely, Sha’Carri has time to improve.

Don’t be too quick to count Sha’Carri out

Sha’Carri did not make the Olympic team. So, we will not get to see her run. And, this is disappointing for her and her fans. I was looking forward to watching her blow out the competition. Especially, from other runners from other countries. Unfortunately, Sha’Carri failed a drug test. In an early article, I wrote Sha’Carri did not blow her chance of competing in the  400x relay race.

Sadly, Sha’Carri was suspended for one month. Therefore, her suspension disqualified her for the 100-meter race. According to CBS News, “Sha’Carri Richardson was not chosen to compete on an Olympic relay team and will completely miss out on the Tokyo Olympics.” Due to her testing positive for marijuana use, Sha’Carri will miss her chance to compete in Toyko.

If I were you, I would not count Sha’Carri out, just yet. Yes, it is true we won’t see her compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Nevertheless, Sha’Carri will be competing in Prefontaine Classic, which is held in Oregon. Now, this may not be where we wanted to see Sha’Carri run. Nonetheless, if you are a fan you will be happy just to see her running.

On another note, Sha’Carri did not lose her Nike endorsement. Also, because she tested positive for marijuana use people are questioning the rules. Should Sha’Carri had been suspended for her use of marijuana? Should sports change some of the strict rules on drug testing? The debate has taken on a life of its own. Some people have signed petitions on behalf of Sha’Carri. Famous celebrities took Sha’Carri’s side. Even, rapper T.I. spoke out against Sha’Carri’s suspension. It really does not matter where you stand on this issue. The Olympic committee needs to re-vamp its rules on recreational marijuana use of athletes.

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