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Sha’Carri Almost Blew Her Chance At The 2021 Olympics!!!



Sha'Carri Almost Blew Her Chance At The 2021 Olympics
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Sha’Carri almost blew her chance at the 2021 Olympics. The Olympic hopeful was suspended for one month. Because she tested positive for marijuana.

Sha’Carri tested positive for marijuana

Many of us had our eyes on Sha’Carri to win the 100-meter race in Tokyo. Especially, since she blew away the competition at the try-outs.

However, because Sha’Carri tested positive for marijuana she can not compete in the 100- meter race. So, will Sha’Carri have a chance to compete at any of the Tokyo racing events?

Or has she blown her chances all of her chances? What I am hearing is Sha’Carri may have the chance to compete in the 4×100 relay race.

But many of us wanted to see her in the 100 – meter. Especially, since that is the race that has brought her stardom. Don’t you wish the Olympic committee would allow her to run anyway?

It’s not like Sha’Carri took performance-enhancing steroids. Some would say, it’s only a little marijuana.  However, she is bound by certain rules as a professional athlete.

Therefore, Sha’Carri had to be penalized. Sha’Carri was issued a one-month suspension by the U.S. Anti- Doping Agency.  She has accepted the suspension.

Sha'Carri Almost Blew Her Chance At The 2021 Olympics

Sha’Carri issues a public apology on the “Today” show

The rising track star is disappointed in herself. And, she shared these words.

“I want to take responsibility for my actions,” Richardson said. “I know what I did. I know what I’m supposed to do. I know what I’m allowed not to do. But I still made that decision. I’m not making an excuse.”

Having said that, Sha’Carri admitted she used marijuana to cope with the loss of her mother. Also, Sha’Carri mentioned the pressures and expectations place on her was stressful.

In my opinion, I think she should be allowed to compete. Why should she be penalized so harshly? What do you all think? Should Sha’Carri be given another chance to compete in the 100-meters?

Sha Carri

Check out the video above for more details.

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