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Serena Williams and NIKE Unveil Fall Collection!!!



serena williams nike swdc

Serena and Nike unveiled their latest collaborative collection of streetwear. Check out the pieces showcased in the SWDC (Serena Williams Design Crew) collection.

Serena And Nike Creating Unique Fashion Streetwear

serena nike swdc

Tennis legend Serena Williams is excited to drop her newest project in clothing design.

Just unveiled a few days ago, SWDC dropped a peek at her collection with Nike.

Included in the offering are new styles in footwear, biker shorts, mesh coveralls, and sports bras.

A fun play on color and patterns, you can also find crop tops, tennis dresses, and more.

So How Did SWDC Come About?

Selected from New York City, 10 talented designers were tasked with creating a new trend in athleisure for the latest SWDC collection.

Among the touches incorporated in the lineup, the collection gives a nod to West African kente cloth.

Giving her endorsement to the young designers, Serena says –

“[The collection] really speaks to me, my background, and where I’m from…It meant a lot to me that we were able to bring some African culture into these designs.”

serena and nike collection

Pieces in this collection range from downright cute, to borderline wild.

A longtime Nike endorser, she is known for her bold, sometimes quirky looks on and off the court.

Revealing the inspiration behind her unique collection, Serena Williams said to in a ZOOM call –

“When I step on the court, I definitely want to stand out…”

“I like to be different. I just like taking a chance when it comes to design.”

“I love bold colors and a print.

“I didn’t even tell the designers this, we were just on so much of the same wavelength that they felt the same way, and it definitely gives you that nostalgic feel.”

There is definitely a WOW factor in these selections.

Everyone is covered in this fall collection. You can shop right now for items for men and women in a wide array of sizes are available at Nike.

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