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Sandra ‘Pepa’ Denton: Unpaid Reconstructive Plastic Surgery



Sandra 'Pepa' Denton

One of the highest-paid women in Hip Hop history is being sued over unpaid reconstructive plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon has filed a lien against Sandra Denton, who is professionally known as Pepa from the rap duo Salt n’ Pepa. Denton accused the doctor of negligence. Radar Online reported that Dr. David Sayah filed a lien in order to be paid his fee of $676,675 for removing butt injections for the rapper.

Pepa Before and After

Women who receive any kind of Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure (BBL), whether it is fat transfer, implants, or silicone injections are warned not to fall on their bottoms too hard because the work could potentially be ruined. This was the case for the Push It rapper. In 2018, Denton was involved in a car accident that caused her butt injections to shift. In response, the hip-hop artist sought out Dr. Sayah to remove the injections. During her visit to Dr. Sayah, Pepa claims she was pressured to undergo more plastic surgery, resulting in further complications.

Pepa Plastic Surgery

Pepa Sued Over Unpaid Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

It was he who convinced her to replace the injections she wanted to be removed, with smaller implants. Her liposuction caused more complications. She needed another surgery to correct it. As a result of another procedure performed by Dr. Sayah, Pepa’s behind hardened, making it difficult for her to perform.

Sandra ‘Pepa” Denton Plastic Surgery

MRI results showed “significant amounts of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue” after the Queens, New York, native visited another doctor. The suit was then filed by Denton against Dr. Sayah.

She also filed a lawsuit against Uber for the 2018 car accident that caused her hips and butts to shift. As a result of the lien Dr. Sayah filed, he will receive payment for his services from Pepa’s payout.

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