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Sabrina Peterson Ultimatum To T.I.!!!



Sabrina Peterson Ultimatum To T.I.

Sabrina Peterson Ultimatum To T.I. This situation is not going away from T.I. & Tiny. Without a doubt it’s heating up.

Will T.I. apologize to Sabrina or not?

Sabrina Peterson ultimatum to T.I. Unfortunately, Sabrina wants an apology from T.I. But will she get it or not?

This situation seems to be getting worse. Now, Sabrina admitted she will drop all charges against T.I. if he meets her demands. She is asking that the couple to issue the apology within 7 days, as reported by The Blast.

However, Sabrina was in for a rude awakening. After the news broke T.I. sent a message of his own on social media. T.I. has no intention of apologizing.

In fact, T.I. was seen in a photo on IG with Ne-Yo, Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle all laughing. Then he wrote, “An Apology???” followed by laughing emoji’s.

To make matters worst, Tiny commented on the same Instagram post. Here is what Tiny said,” LOL it’s too early for this sir.” And, following her comment was laughing emoji’s.

Of course, this adds insult to alleged injury. But Sabrina did not take it laying down. Check out what Sabrina posted next, “Narcissist checklist.” She then proceeded to put the list for all to see on her IG.

Although, Sabrina did not say that T.I. was a narcissist, it was certainly implied. Wouldn’t you say? Be that as it may, this situation is not getting better for either party.

Not to mention, what will happen with the other allegations against T.I. and Tiny.

ti. vs sabrina

Check out the video above for more details.

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