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Rihanna Lingerie Brand Worth A Billion!!!



Rihanna Lingerie Brand Worth A Billion

Rihanna Lingerie Brand Worth A Billion. The fashion industry has a new boss lady. Singer Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty valued at over a billion dollars.

Savage X Fenty rules lingerie

Rihanna lingerie brand worth a billion. The famous magazine Forbes has reported that Savage X Fenty is worth $1 billion. And, this is great news for singer Rihanna.

I am sure that Rihanna is ecstatic. Especially, since this is a great accomplishment for a black woman. The announcement was just released that Rihanna was shifting her focus on a new skincare line.

It is quite refreshing to see her brand make history. In fact, the fashion world has to admit that Rihanna changed the face of fashion.

More importantly, in just two years Savage X Fenty has achieved phenomenal success, as reported by People.

Another important fact, Savage X Fenty is luxurious and affordable. Which is quite different from other lingerie brands. Equally important to note, what Rihanna has done is very encouraging to other women of color.

Also, it was pure genius for Rihanna to promote her own brand. While Rihanna is not a plus size woman. Her body shape is atypical of industry standards.

In my opinion, it is really awesome to see voluptuously women be represented. Opposed to women who are too thin an unhealthy looking.  For so long the model industry misrepresented women in general.

The truth be told, Rihanna’s beautiful bodacious body type represents most women. Overall, this is the reason Rihanna’s lingerie is so successful.



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