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Rihanna In Barbados- Pink Feathers At The Carnival!!!



Rihanna Dressed In Pink Feathers At Carnival In Barbados

Rihanna dressed in pink feathers at carnival in Barbados. Rihanna is quite the fashionista. Each year Rihanna attends the carnival in her native country. Fans can’t wait to see the elaborate costumes she wears each year. And, Rihanna wow’s them each time.

Rihanna in Barbados: Steal the show with pink feather outfit

At this years annual Grand Kadooment Day of Barbados crops festival Rihanna was stunning in her pink feather outfit. And, Rihanna did not disappoint her fans and native islanders with this beautiful pink ensemble, according to the People. Over the years Rihanna has wore some very stunning outfits to the festival. Rihanna continues to evolve as quite the fashion icon. Of course, Rihanna is much more than beauty personified. Rihanna has managed to take her career to high heights. Rihanna created “Fenty” clothing and cosmetic line. Rihanna’s Fenty brand caters towards women of all shades, shapes and sizes.

rihanna in pink feathers

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