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Rick Ross Invests In Telehealth!!!



Rick Ross Invests In Telehealth

Rick Ross Invests In Telehealth. This rapper/entrepreneur has really evolved. And, Rick is letting us know he is still the boss.

This is a huge endeavor for Rick

Rick Ross invests in Telehealth. There is all kinds of great news coming out of Rick Ross camp. In fact, Rick went onto Good Morning America to promote his new venture.

We all know that Rick has made quite a name for himself in the world or Hip Hop. However, Rick has become quite the businessman. The Miami rapper has several Checkers Drive -In Restaurants in the Miami area. In addition, Rick owns some Wingstop Restaurants. Furthermore, Rick is now partnering with Telehealth.

To clarify, Rick’s partnership with Telehealth will allow him to become the spokesperson for the brand. Telehealth is a platform used by a company called Jetdoc.  The owner of Jetdoc is Tommy Duncan.

With this said, Rick will appear in digital campaign ads on television to promote the brand, as reported by Black Enterprise. The television campaign ads will educate and inform people about innovative healthcare.

In other words, this new system telehealth is a virtual doctors visit. You can have an appointment with your doctor without ever leaving your home. I have participated in telehealth and I really like it. It is a very convenient and safe way to keep up with your health care.

More important to note, the virtual visit is very affordable. On another note, Rick has loss over 75lbs. Could it be that telehealth was instrumentally in helping in this process. By the way, Rick looks great!

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Check out the video above for more details.

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