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Rich Black Girl TikTok



rich black girl tiktok

Rich Black Girl TikTok displays aspects of The Level up movement, The Femininity Movement, and The Black Women In Luxury Movement. This is a network of black/African TikTok content creators who seek to change the common narrative surrounding black women. Women of color, especially black women are commonly associated with poverty in America. Rich Black Girl TikTok displays the fruits of black women’s labor. Since 2016, African American women have become the most educated population of people in America.

Black Women Dominate in Education

Black Women have gained more education than Asians, Arabs, Mexicans, Whites, Black Men, etc. While the circumstances of black women have shifted, the stereotypes surrounding them have not. Black women are still typically cast as low-wage workers and subordinates in most Hollywood films, commercials, and magazines. Rich Black Girl TikTok has taken it upon themselves to interrupt this narrative.

The women of Rich Black Girl TikTok display their wealth and how they earned it. While many earned their livelihood through education and hard work, there are women who are the loving doting stay-at-home wives and girlfriends of wealthy men that some say black women cannot attract and do not deserve.

Berating Black Women: The New Gold Rush

With the success of YouTubers like Kevin Samuels, it is clear that the harsh critique of black women is something like a new-aged gold rush. Youtuber Tommy Sotomayor precedes Kevin Samuels as a veteran in the dissemination of propaganda against black women. Lastly, with a youtube checkmark, Oshay Duke Jackson is a staple on Youtube when it comes to the daily denigrating of black women. Each man has earned a 6 figure income as a result of this kind of content proving that there is a market for this type of content.

A counter-narrative

Youtube content creators like The Pink Pill have not seen equal success. Although The Pink Pill has been on the news and in magazines more so than the aforementioned youtube content creators, her message is opposite theirs; in favor of black women developing themselves and breaking stereotypes.

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