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Rhianna Drops Nicki Minaj From Fenty Show Amid Vaccine Tweets



Nicki Minaj has been under fire ever since she made her controversial remarks about why she doesn’t want the Covid-19 vaccine. There seems to be a movement now to cancel the female rap legend.

The Biden Administration Comes For Nicki Minaj

As a first step, members of President Biden’s administration blasted Nicki for making “false” statements about the vaccine.

MSNBC Comes For Nicki Minaj

After that, Joy Reid, an anchor for NSNBC, ridiculed Nicki’s anxiety over getting the vaccine.

Talk Show Co-Hosts at The Real Come for Nicki Minaj

Next, the talk show The Real interviewed a woman who claimed Nicki’s husband raped her 25 years ago. Nicki Minaj’s husband pleaded guilty to this crime, served time for the crime, and accepted responsibility for the crime.


The Powers That Be Tie Rihanna’s hands, Removing Minaj from The Savage Fenty Show

In this instance, Rihanna is weighing in out of obligation, not choice. Nicki Minaj was cut from Rihanna’s upcoming show Fenty x Savage, which is expected to be amazing.

A source said, “There are powerful people out there trying to cancel Nicki.”
Implying that Rihanna had no choice in the matter.

Sources say 33-year-old Rihanna Reluctantly Let her Go of the 38-year-old Queen of Rap

Earlier this week, Nicki’s Twitter followers learned that she was unvaccinated. Instead of watching mainstream news, she encouraged them to conduct their own research.

“Rihanna was cool, she wanted Nicki in the show, but the powers that be are forcing her to cut Nicki out. There are powerful people out there trying to cancel Nicki.” One source commented.

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