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Regina King Partners With Wells Fargo To Help Black Finances!!!



Regina King Partners With Wells Fargo To Help Black Finances

Regina King has been an actor since she was very young. In fact, Regina starred alongside the legendary Marla Gibbs (1987). The famous sitcom “227” was a fan favorite. Of course, many young people may not remember the sitcom. However, that was Regina’s breakout role. The Oscar-winning actress has many roles to her credit.

How Will Regina’s Partnership With Well Fargo Empower Blacks?

Wells Fargo has been provided financial services for over 80 plus years. The Gigantic financial institution provides programs in underserved communities. With Regina’s help, Wells Fargo is able to further its quest for financial literacy for youth. Regina shared this,

“I was drawn to Wells Fargo given the bank’s continued commitment to underserved communities,”

She went on to say,

“I was born and bred in LA, so Wells Fargo’s investment into Kollab’s work is something that resonated very deeply with me,” King said. “As a product of LA Unified School District, I’m aware of the lack of resources Black kids in the public school system don’t ha provided at an early age. It’s  really incredible I get to be a part of changing that.”

In addition, Regina is promoting the “Active Cash Card”, which is offered by Wells Fargo, as reported by Essence. Unlike, other cash cards, this cash card will put money directly back into the pockets of the users. It is the first time a celebrity has partnered with Wells Fargo. This is a great venture. Especially since young black children will learn financial literacy early on. Hopefully, by learning how to manage finances our children will not get into credit card debt.

On another note, Regina has left quite a mark in Hollywood. Regina won an Oscar for “If Beale Street Could Talk (2019). Also, Regina won an Emmy for playing a masked vigilante fighting against entrenched racism in HBO’s “Watchmen(2020).” This phenomenal black actor made her directorial debut in “One Night in Miami.

Although, most people remember Regina in late director John Singelton’s film, the cult classic “Boyz in The Hood.” There are other TV shows and movies Regina had roles in, they are, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”, “Legally Blonde 2”, “Miss Congeniality 2”, “American Crime”, “Seven Seconds” and “The Leftovers.” Obviously, Regina knows something about longevity. Because she has managed to stay relevant as an actor for more than 30 years.


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