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Redman Defends Kevin Hart Oscars Host Decision



Redman Defends Kevin Hart Decision Not To Host The Oscars

Kevin Hart’s Oscars Host Decision is Final. Comedian Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting The Academy Awards this year. Some controversial tweets about homosexuals Kevin made back in 2011 surfaced which impacted his decision. Kevin decided it would be better not to accept the invitation to host the show. Some celebrities have come out in support of Kevin’s decision. Fellow comedian DL Hughley, rap icon Snoop Dogg and legendary rapper Redman defends Kevin’s decision not to host the Oscars.

Redman Agrees with Kevin Not Hosting, No Need to Keep Apologizing

Rap legend Reginald Noble aka Redman went live on social media and went all the way in about the Kevin Hart controversy. In his opinion Kevin did the right thing. Also, Kevin does not have to keep apologizing for any homophobic comments he made in 2011.  He has apologized to the LGBTQ community. That should be the end of it.

Should a Little Controversy Really Stop Kevin Hart from Hosting The Oscars?

Kevin is not the only comedian who has made controversial comments about people. Why should he be crucified for something he said years ago? Redman believes if there were executive positions with people of color this may not have happened, according to Vlad TV.

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