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Reboot Of New Jack City Coming Soon????



Reboot Of New Jack City Coming Soon

Is the Reboot of New Jack City coming soon. Can you really remake such an iconic movie. How many times in recent years have movies been rebooted? It seems that movie makers think remaking iconic movies is the new trend. However, do remakes do well or not?

New Jack City revolutionized gangsta hip hop

The name “Nino Brown” became synonymous with many drug dealers everywhere. The only female in Nino’s crew was as ruthless as the men.  Although the Crack epidemic was nothing to laugh about,many young people wanted to be like the “Cash Money Brothers.” On the other hand, some young people identified with the narcotics officers like Scotty. Overall, New Jack City was a cult classic which may not be able to be duplicated, as reported by The Grape Vine.

I certainly hope that the reboot of New Jack City will have some of the original actors. However, Bill Nun aka the Duh Duh Duh Man has passed away. The reboot of New Jack City is coming soon. Although, there has not been any date set yet. Hopefully, the reboot of New Jack City will be as great as the first movie.  New Jack City was one of the greatest gangsta movies of all time, in my opinion.

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