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Ray J Hospitalized With Pneumonia!!!!



Ray J

Ray J is in a Miami hospital with pneumonia. Though he was in the COVID wing of the hospital, he does not have COVID.

Ray J Spent Time In The COVID Wing Of A Miami Hospital

Ray J (real name William Ray Norwood, Jr.) is suffering from Non-COVID related pneumonia.

However, he is taking up a bed I’m the COVID wing of a Miami Florida hospital.

As reported by TMZ, the singer/actor/songwriter is in bad shape.

Among his symptoms, he is struggling to breathe and he got so bad that he thought he was going to die.

According to David Weintraub, his manager, Ray J was hospitalized 4 days ago and was immediately diagnosed with pneumonia.

At first, they assumed he had COVID, and placed him in the COVID wing of the hospital.

Ray Shares That His Battle With Pneumonia Is Frightening

40-year-old Ray J, Singer Brandy’s little brother (and Snoop Dogg’s cousin) spoke with TMZ and said it was frightening, adding –

“I thought it was over. I started praying and knew God is good so I just kept praying.”

Over 2 days, he was given the COVID test 5 times.

After all 5 tests came back negative, he was moved out of the COVID wing and into a regular bed.

Adding to his woes, Ray J says he is currently receiving oxygen and still finds it difficult to breathe.

When he wakes up at 6 in the morning he feels well enough to go home.

However, within 30 minutes, things deteriorate and he fears the worst.

Let’s hope everything works out, Ray is asking for all of our prayers.

Ray shares 2 kids with his wife, Princess Love, a son, and a daughter.

Their daughter, Melody Love is 3 years old, and their son, Epik Ray is 21 months.

Right now, all he has on his mind is getting better so he can walk out of the hospital and see his 2 kids.

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