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YG Close Friend Slim 400 Shot 8 Times!!!



Rapper YG Close Friend Slim 400 Shot 8 Times

Rapper YG close friend Slim 400 shot 8 times. It is unclear what actually happened. However, Slim was not fatally wounded. YG was with his friend at the hospital throughout the night.

YG Close Friend Slim 400 shot in Compton

Big shock for YG. Unfortunately, the city of Compton like many other inner cities is riddled with gun violence. Young black males are being gunned down at an alarming rate. Just a few months ago,rapper and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle was murdered in Compton. Now, rapper YG is watching another of his friends suffer gun violence. In this case, Slim 400 is expected to survive, according to TMZ. It is unclear whether Slim 400 was the intended target. Slim 400 is known for his collaboration on two songs ” Bruisin” and “Sad Boy Loko” with his friend. Authorities mentioned that a black vehicle was seen leaving the scene of the crime.

Shocker for YG

This sort of violence is always a shock – especially for YG because of his close friend. Who knows why this happened, and what Slim could have possible been involved in. No doubt an upcoming rapper has enemies and people that are jealous of him. Hopefully he heals up well.

YG n Slim 400

Check out the video above for more details

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