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Rapper Tay K Facing Another Murder Charge!!!



Rapper Tay K Facing Another Murder Charge

Rapper Tay  K Facing Another Murder Charge. Taymor McIntrye aka Tay K is currently in prison. Unfortunately, Tay K is serving a 55 year sentence for murder. And, now, Tay K could be convicted of a second unrelated murder.

Tay K glorified his crime with a song

Before the police captured Tay K he rapped about running from the cops in a song called,”The Race.” The song had over 17 million view on YouTube, at the time. However, Tay K was captured in New Jersey and remained in police custody until his hearing. Also, Tay K was identified as one of seven who conspired to steal drugs and money from a 21-year-old Ethan Walker in July 2016. Walker was shot and killed during a home invasion. Although, Tay K was not the shooter he was a part of the robbery attempt. At the time of the home invasion Tay K was only 16. But Tay K was tried and convicted as an adult.

Now, the rapper is facing another murder charge. Apparently, Tay K is being charge by the Bexar County Attorney’s Office of intentionally shooting a killing a 23-year-old Mark Anthony Saldivar,as reported by The Source. The sad thing about Tay K is he decided to glorify his run from police on social media. Also, the victims and their families of Tay K’s crimes will never recover from the loss of their loved ones. This young rapper will be at least 77 years before he will be considered for parole if he is convicted of this new murder charge.

Tay K

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