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Rapper Tay K Accomplice Pimpy Z Gets 30 Year Prison Sentence



Rapper Tay K Accomplice Pimpy Z Gets 30 Year Prison Sentence

Jalen Bell better known as Pimpy Z  was an accomplice in the home invasion robbery which resulted in the death of Ethan Walker was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Bell was one of four men which included young rapper Taymor McIntrye better know as Tay K.

During sentencing Bell’s mother ran out screaming

Bell took a plea deal with prosecutors for two counts of aggravated robbery.  In exchange, Bell received a 30 -year sentence. Bell did not show any emotion when the sentence was read, according to Star Telegram. However, his Bell’s mother rushed from the courtroom sobbing very loudly. Also, Walker’s mother, Roberta Walker addressed Bell with these words:

“His daughter doesn’t have a father. She cries for him all the time. She calls somebody else Daddy because little girls have to have somebody to call Daddy,” Roberta Walker said.”

“You had the power to stop it at any time. You could have cut it off at the path, ” she told him.” I’m not going to encourage you to make something of your life,and that’s your fault,” Roberta continued, ending with the promise that she’d see Bell again when he is up for parole.”

McIntyre aka Tay K will be the last to be sentenced for the deadly home invasion. Neither, Bell or McIntrye the fired the fatal shot that killed Walker but their participation in the crime brings a very lengthy sentence for each. All together there were seven people involved, three juveniles and four adults. Two of the accomplish were women. Ariana Bharatt, 22 and Megan Holt,21 both took plea deals. Each will receive 25 years for their participation in the crime.

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