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Rapper Prince Markie Dee Dead at 52!!!!



Rapper Prince Markie Dee Dead at 52

Rapper Prince Markie Dee Dead at 52. At one point in history The Fat Boys were really popular. And, their food antics in videos was funny.

The Fat Boys were Legendary

Rapper Prince Markie Dee dead at 52. It’s hard to believe that Prince Markie and The Human Beat Box (Darren Robinson) are gone. The remaining group member Damon “Kool Rock Ski” Wimbley is still alive.

These three men were pioneers in the rap game. Especially, since they were the first to make being plus size acceptable in their genre. With that said, The Fat Boys starred in their own movie “Disorderliness.” Of course, back then rappers in movies was almost never heard of.

In addition, their music had a crossover appeal. Which can be found in their song “Wipeout” collaboration with The Beach Boys. The 1980’s rap trio had other hit songs such as (Crushin, Jailhouse Rap, Stick ‘Em and Can You Feel It).

Unfortunately, Prince Markie died in Miami on Thursday, as reported by Rolling Stones. We don’t know what was the cause of his death. However, Anthony Morales aka Prince Markie Dee will surely be missed.

I don’t know of any other rappers who were able to poke fun at their size. While making us fall in love with their style of music. More importantly, there has never been any other rapper that sounded like The Human Beat Box.

prince markie n fat boys

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