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Rapper NBA Youngboy Arrested For Disorderly Conduct!!!



Rapper NBA Youngboy Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

Rapper NBA Youngboy arrested for disorderly conduct. The rapper whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden and a woman he was with, Starr Thigpen allegedly was in an altercation with hotel staff. The police arrested Youngboy and Starr.

Youngboy arrested at Hyatt House in Atlanta

NBA Youngboy and Starr were found in what was supposed to be an empty hotel room. When the housekeeper entered the room an argument ensued. Allegedly, Youngboy asked Starr to remove the housekeeper from the room. Starr obliged him by hitting the housekeeper in the face, according to WSB-TV. Youngboy got involved in the argument. The housekeeper managed to call for help. When the police arrived they found an ounce of marijuana in the young rapper’s possession. NBA Youngboy and Starr were both arrested and taken to a jail in Atlanta. Youngboy is being charged with possession of marijuana, and disorderly conduct.

What’s the deal with Youngboy now

Is NBA Youngboy going to be convicted on his two charges? What about his partner, Starr Thigpen? Time will tell!


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