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Rapper Lil Loaded Dead At 20!!!



Rapper Lil loaded Dead At 20.

Rapper Lil loaded Dead At 20. Allegedly, the young rapper was having relationship issues. And, allegedly committed suicide.

Cryptic message alludes to Lil Loaded death

Rapper Lil Loaded dead at 20. This comes as a shock. The rapper’s career was on the rise. However, a friend of the rapper claims Lil Loaded took his own life, as reported by Complex.

But the details of what really happened are still unfolding. So ,we will have to wait to see if rumors are true. At any rate, the Dallas rapper whose real name is Dashawn Robertson is gone.

In the eerie message was posted on Instagram. And, clearly something was going on with Lil Loaded. He wrote, he is ready for his “heart and soul” to “join” God.

Rap House TV shared the message. Of course, there was more in the message that Lil Loaded wrote. Unfortunately, the young rapper was going through something.

Also, the letter was addressed to the Most High. It sounded like an apology letter, as well. But will we ever know what Lil Loaded was experiencing?

Was he depressed? Did he secretly suffer with mental health issues? The sad reality is so many people suffer in silence. Especially, when it comes to mental illness or depression.

Mental illness is a real issue for the black community. In fact, more and more young black people suffer with some sort of depression or anxiety.

Lil Loaded was facing manslaughter charges

Last year Lil Loaded was arrested for suspicion of murder. His 18 – year – old friend Khalil Walker was shot to death. Allegedly, Lil Loaded shot Khalil with a rifle.

At the time of his death Lil Loaded had been indicted on manslaughter charges. Could this be the real reason why Lil Loaded wrote the letter on IG?

We may never really know the full story. One thing is for certain, Lil Loaded will not be going to prison. Such a tragic end for both Lil Loaded and Khalil.

rapper lil loaded

Check out the video above for more details.

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