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Rapper Boosie Badazz Was Arrested In Atlanta!!!



Rapper Boosie Badazz Was Arrested In Atlanta

Just a few weeks ago Boosie was allegedly involved in a brawl on stage in Atlanta. Boosie has now been arrested for the alleged incident.  And, it does not look good. As a result of the alleged altercation, Torrence”Boosie Badazz” Hatch Jr. lost his gigs with “The Legendz of the Streetz Tour.

Are The Feds Targeting Boosie?

Boosie has been in headline news for the past few months. Many think Boosie is being targeted for his stand with rapper DaBaby. Let me refresh your memories, DaBaby got into big trouble with the LGBTQ+ community for his insensitive remarks. When Boosie saw what was happening to DaBaby he came to his defense. Also, Boosie went on his Instagram and blasted rapper Lil Nas X. It appears Boosie has an issue with the gay community. However, Boosie would beg to differ.

We keep re-visiting the question of “What is considered, “Freedom of Speech.” And, who can you say what to whom? Be that as it may, Boosie is being charged with allegedly inciting a riot. This can be problematic for Boosie. Especially, since having this kind of charge may stop his money from flowing. A lot of promoters don’t like to promote rappers with that kind of issue. Of course, we don’t know if it was Boosie who started anything on that stage. But he was on stage when it all took place. In addition, on the video footage, you can see Boosie being pulled from the altercation.

Boosie is also being charged with criminal damage of property. According to TMZ, Boosie posted his own bond. Another thing, do you think Boosie is being targeted by the Feds or not? At any rate, we will keep you posted on the latest developments. Although, it doe sound like Boosie is going to get hit with some hefty fines.


Check out the video above for more details.

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