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Rapper BG Lost Bid For Early Release!!!!




Former Cash Money Records rapper Christopher Dorsey of New Orleans has been locked up for quite a minute now. At 40 years old, Dorsey has lost his bid for an early release.

BG To Remain Behind Bars ‘Til 2024

Rapper Christopher Dorsey, known professionally as BG (for Baby Gangster) is not getting out of jail any time soon.

Back in 2009, along with 2 others, B.G. was pulled over in his car at a routine traffic stop.

During that stop, 3 firearms, loaded mags, and extended clips were discovered.

The rapper and 1 associate were arrested and charged with illegally carrying firearms. While the 3rd passenger got hit with the drug possession charge.

Needless to say, BG ultimately was handed a 14-year sentence.

Initially, the rapper stated Dorsey commented about the fact that he was not a ‘snitch’ –

“You know how the Feds operate. If you don’t want to give them nothin’ then they be extra harsh on you. So, I don’t regret being real. I don’t regret not taking nobody with me. I’m cool and comfortable in my situation.”

Christopher Dorsey And Cash Money

In 1997, Dorsey was one of the original members of Hot Boys, a group with Lil Wayne and Turk.

He also released several solo albums with Cash Money, including the platinum-selling Chopper City In The Ghetto in 1999.

The Rappers Bid To Get Out Of Jail

Several rappers publicly voiced their desire to have BG released from prison.

Though he parted ways with Cash Money, after a dispute with CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams, Birdman became one of the supporters of his former labelmate.

Recently, BG petitioned the courts to shorten his remaining time behind bars. No success.

Reportedly, BG has to remain in jail until about 2024.

BG rapper

Looks like Christopher Dorsey has to get comfortable with his life behind bars, he got a few more years to go.

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