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R Kelly’s Ex-Wife Breaks Her Silence!!



andrea kelly breaks the silence

R Kelly’s ex-wife breaks her silence on how she barely  escaped with her life. Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Lee Kelly broke her 10 year silence on the abuse she suffered with R. Kelly.

This is a really touchy topic for many people, in particular men, not to say men don’t suffer domestic violence historically women have suffered abuse at the hands of men.

On the Uncensored Truth podcast host O’God and Sam Ant discuss the interview that Andrea Kelly had on the “Sister Circle” TV show.

You can certainly consider this to be a hot topic. It is one that many would like to brush under the rug, so to speak. However, almost everyone knows someone who has lived in a domestic abuse situation. O’God and Sam Ant really approached this topic with dignity and respect. They were each careful to rely the message there is no tolerance for abuse of women. However, both O’God and Sam Ant did not understand why Andrea waited so long to talk about abuse she supposedly suffered at the hands of her ex-husband Kelly.

Also, both Uncensored Truth host believe that should have been a private matter. Andrea should not have put Kelly on blast. You may be wondering the same but if you talk with women who have suffered domestic violence there is a psychological component to why they don’t tell.  Also, there is shame associated with being a victim. As Andrea stated, she did not see herself as a victim of domestic violence.

The conversation Andrea had with the Sister Circle was very moving, to say the least. Whether Kelly has abused Andrea remains to be seen. As both host O’God and Sam Ant stated, Kelly has never been convicted on any of the charges women have reported.

If you have been a victim of domestic violence you can contact The Center for Domestic Abuse. There is a hotline that is open 24/7.

Another great story by Uncensored Truth podcast host, O’God and Sam Ant.

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