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POWER Book III: Raising Kanan Premieres on STARZ!!!



raising kanan power book III

Get ready for the explosive season premiere of the much-anticipated prequel to the beloved POWER series on STARZ! Power Book III: Raising Kanan is set to kick off this Sunday on July 18th.

Kanan Stark Portrayed By Mekia Curtis in Power Book III: Raising Kanan

power book III raising kanan

We all know how it ended, Kanan Stark (who was portrayed by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) dies in a hail of gunfire in Season 8 of the original POWER. Now we get to go back and see how it all started.

Book III is set in the South Jamaica Queens neighborhood. Revolving around the coming of age Kanan Stark (portrayed by Mekai Curtis) and his sprawling family drama, Kanan, who becomes the mentor and adversary of both Tommy and Ghost is shaped largely due to his powerful mother.

From creator and showrunner Sascha Penn, the third book in the franchise takes viewers back to the ’90s and the early years of the now-deceased Kanan Stark, portrayed in Courtney Kemp’s original series by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.


power book 3

  • Mekai Curtis
  • Patina Miller
  • Omar Epps
  • London Brown
  • Malcolm Mays
  • Hailey Kilgore
  • Joey Bada$$
  • Toby Sandeman
  • Shanley Caswell
  • Lovie Simone

Also, in a recurring role is Quincy Brown. Antonio Ortiz plays Shawn “Famous” Figueroa and is tapped as a series regular in Season 2.

Describing the series, President and CEO of Starz Jeffrey Hirsch says –

“One season isn’t enough to tell the coming-of-age story of Kanan Stark and his mother, Raq, a fierce and successful woman who is a force of nature…The anticipation globally for more of the Power Universe made it clear that the Kanan story needs to continue.”

And that it will! Power Book III: Raising Kanan hasn’t even premiered yet and it has already been given the green light for Season 2. That’s a big deal, y’all. Ready for the hype? Check out the trailer below by clicking on the photo –

raising kanan

Starz Power Book III: Raising Kanan is Executive Produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

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