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Pooh Shiesty Is Going To Trial This Month!!!!



Pooh Shiesty Is Going To Trial This Month!

The Memphis rapper Lontrell”Pooh Shiesty” Williams surrendered to police back in July.  There was a shooting incident that Pooh Shiesty was allegedly involved in. Shortly after, finding out the police had a warrant for his arrest Pooh Shiesty turned himself in.

The Feds Bring More Charges Against Pooh Shiesty

In a report by XXL Magazine, Williams allegedly was accused of shooting a security officer. The alleged incident happened during Memorial Day weekend. There was actual footage of the incident. Although, the video footage does not clearly show Williams as the shooter. It did not stop the police from issuing a warrant for his arrest. The young rapper was on his way to stardom. But now, Williams’s career is halted.

Nevertheless, Williams is facing some serious charges if convicted. Originally, Williams was scheduled for a court date in December.  However, Williams changed his mind about the delay, as reported by The Source. And, Williams’s attorneys agree. So, William’s court date has been moved to October 25th. Williams was hit with a four-count federal indictment. The maximum sentence Williams can get is life in prison.

Personally, I think Williams will not get that much time. Of course, there are details of the case that are problematic for Williams. His flashing $100 dollar bills on Instagram, and the Louis Vuitton bag with over $40,000 cash could seal his fate. In addition, authorities believe the McLauren car was part of the alleged crime. Be that as it may, Williams may have to do some considerable time in prison. By the way, Williams won the award for “Best New Artist” last night on the BET award show. Unfortunately, Williams could not celebrate the win due to his incarceration.

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