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Pooh Shiesty Is Being Indicted By The Feds!!!



Pooh Shiesty Is Being Indicted By The Feds
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The 20-year-old rapper faces indictment. Lontrell “Pooh Shiesty” Williams posted a photo on Instagram that has him in big trouble.

Has Instagram nailed Pooh Shiesty’s fate?

Has social media become a way to investigate criminal activity. As it relates to young rappers. Is this a new trend with The Feds?

Or is using what rappers post on the social media pages great evidence to use against them.

Well, in the case against Pooh Shiesty, it appears to be so. Or so it seems.

Based on what we now know, Pooh Shiesty and two other men (Brown & Darosa) are accused of participating in a shooting.

The alleged shooting and robbery occurred on October 9, 2020. Last year, at the Landon Hotel in East Florida two individuals were shot, as reported by XXL Mag.

Allegedly, Pooh Shiesty and two other men were the suspects in the shooting.

And, there is video footage of the incident. Which will no doubt be used in the case against Pooh Shiesty. Although details of the story are a little sketchy.

What I was able to gather is Pooh Shiesty’s Instagram page was being watched by The Feds. Also, The Feds are using some of the images for evidence in his case.

instagram photo of pooh shiesty

Will his Instagram photos be his downfall?

As you can see, this photo does show something went wrong between this group of young men. Therefore, the case against Pooh Shiesty could be clear-cut.

Of course, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Be that as it may, in the affidavit, by authorities, Pooh Shiesty is allegedly seen posing with this same automobile.

Which is the one seen in the video, allegedly. Authorities tagged the photos as evidence. And, the photos are now being used in his case in addition to the video footage.

Personally, I think this case is becoming more and more bizarre. On another note, the initial crime which landed him in jail alleged victim stopped cooperating with police.

Although, the security guard has decided not to talk the judge was not persuaded to let Pooh Shiesty go free.

In addition, these new developments make it even more difficult for Pooh Shiesty. He could now be facing 20 years in prison.

Especially, if the allegations against him are true.

pooh shiesty

Check out the video above for more details.

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