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Pierre’s Interview About Def Comedy Jam!!!



Pierre's Interview About Def Comedy Jam

Pierre’s Interview About Def Comedy Jam. Can you image being an comedian on Def Comedy Jam? Well, Pierre was one of the funniest on the hit show.

Was Martin Lawrence mean to Pierre?

Pierre’s interview about Def Comedy Jam. Of course, most of us know Pierre for his roles on the big screen. This funny comedian was also a recurring guest on Def Comedy Jam back in the day, as reported by Unrated Magazine.

However, I remember two of his roles in popular movies. In fact, his portrayal of Halle Berry’s boyfriend in the movie “Baps” was my favorite. And, he appeared alongside of fellow comedian Bill Bellamy in the movie ” How To Be A Player.” With that said, clearly Pierre has made a name for himself in the entertainment world.

But, I would have never thought Pierre had a little rift with comedian/actor Martin Lawrence. According to Pierre, Martin was not really nice to him. Not to mention, Pierre had no issue revealing this on his interview with the hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored.

Although, Pierre did not focus his entire interview on Martin that part was captivating. For one thing, we have all heard rumors about Martin’s alleged odd behavior. This was the first time another comedian spoke about their experience with it. Overall, this interview with Pierre was really good.

In addition, Pierre addressed the current issue with rappers going on Vlad TV. Especially, since a lot of rappers appear to get into big trouble after interviews with Vlad TV. In addition, Pierre’s comedic timing was refreshing during his conversation with hosts O’God and SamAnt. Another one for the books family.

pierre vs martin

Check out the video above for more details.

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